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Proven Durability

Originally formulated to withstand the most severe industrial and coastal conditions that Europe had to offer, our PVC coated steel has proven itself the strongest, most stable siding on the market today. Laboratory and field tests have confirmed its resistance to the elements.

CondensationSalt spray
Sand abrasionsImpact
Accelerated weatheringColor stability

The slick surface actually resists dirt and corrosive pollutants. Unable to firmly bond to the non-porous surface, dust and grim are easily washed off with your garden hose.

Our seamless siding is protected by one of the best warrantees in the siding industry. Maintained properly, ours should be the only siding your home should ever need. Down the line, while other people are replacing their siding, yours will still be protecting and beautifying your home.

Image from the Crestwood Seamless Siding brochure -
"Tomorrow's seamless siding today"

Why Steel?

As you can see by the illustration, steel siding has the least expansion/contraction caused by temperature changes. This means that there is less chance of warping and buckling during extreme temperature conditions.









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